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Do's & don'ts of working with an interpreter

Clear communication between parties is essential during an interpreting session.

We’ve complied a video in English and in Slovene about a few of our top do’s and don’ts when working with an interpreter in order to help you make the most out of your session.

English version-

Slovene version-


1) Speak directly to the client, not to the interpreter.

2) Do pause frequently to allow the interpreter to interpret what is being said.

3) Do explain any idioms, acronyms, technical language and cultural references.

4) Be patient and take turns when speaking.

5) Do send any materials or information related to the interpreting session prior to the booking. Also, think about whether a particular dialect or gender may be needed.


1) Don’t ask the interpreter to perform any tasks that are a part of your role, even if it saves time. The interpreter’s role is only to interpret the message from one language to another.

2) If you require additional information or explanations, do not expect the interpreter to offer their opinion or explain the context. You should address the client directly.

3) Don’t assume the interpreter and client are from the same country, culture or group.

4) Do not include the interpreter in the conversation or conduct side conversations with them.

If you want to find out more information about how to use an interpreter effectively, we have a free guide on our website which you are able to download and send to others. You can check it out at

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