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ViR- from the intern's perspective

Internship at Voices in Refuge, summer/autumn 2019

As a student of Intercultural Linguistic Mediation, I was deeply surprised by the idea behind VIR and how their approach to interpreting and translation differs compared to other interpreting organisation.

VIR truly focuses on well-being of all parties engaged in the process of interpreting. What is more, they truly take care that their services are of top-quality as they are clearly aware of the consequences of inadequate translation or interpretation.

Being aware that simply being bilingual is not enough to produce excellent quality interpreting or translation service, they provide their candidates with professional training. Community Interpreting Training, which I also took part in and later on helped to organise proved that VIR appreciates the importance of trained interpreters.

During my internship, VIR not only provided me with an in-depth insight to translation and interpretation, it also demonstrated a welcoming working environment where seeking an explanation was never seen as a bother. VIR heightened my expectations not only for translation and interpretation services, but also for the requirements and treatment of employees in translation and interpretation agency. All over, I can earnestly say, that working with VIR was an immense pleasure and I would recommend their services to anyone who might be in need of them.

Tadeja Ajdič


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