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Our Core Values 

Our service is based on an ethical code of conduct comprising of five main values. This ensures both you and our interpreters benefit from the interpreting experience. 



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Our interpreters are neutral and are there to assist both parties equally. They will avoid being left alone with either party to prevent any private conversation leading to ethical dilemmas.

Our interpreters' priority is to retain the integrity of the original message. They ensure they do this by asking for clarity if they are uncertain. 

All our employees are required to complete our extensive training course and have some practical experience to guarantee a quality service. 

We train our interpreters to convey the meaning rather than focus on individual words. They use standard interventions and techniques to better impart the message.

We strive to treat our trained interpreters as skilled professionals and endeavour to provide ethical employment. We offer job security, a salaried wage and travel expenses. 

Why should you use Voices in Refuge?

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Ethical Employers


Voices in Refuge is unusual amongst interpreting agencies in its ethical beliefs:

We employ as many of our interpreters as possible on contracts which give them employee rights, including sick pay and holiday pay. We also pay their travel costs.

Wherever possibly our employees are from refugee backgrounds, offering them an opportunity for skilled, well-paid employment.

All our profits go to ensure the sustainability of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum.


Professional Employees

All our interpreters undergo a specially-developed community training, followed by a period of shadowing professional interpreters before they are sent out to our customers. Ongoing support and training is part of the professional development of our interpreters, adding to the quality of the experience our customers have.


Competitive pricing

You will find out prices remarkably competitive, and we can offer different pricing bundles depending on the amount of hours you want to book.  Because our business model is ethical, profit does not come at the expense of quality.

What Makes Us Different 

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We view interpreting as a profession which requires training, experience and commitment. 

Many organisations believe that simply being bilingual qualifies a person as an interpreter. 

Watch our video to find out first hand from one of our trainers about her experience as an interpreter before and after working with Voices in Refuge. 

Interpreter Experience

Interpreter Experience

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"It has genuinely been an excellent experience of working with this level of professionalism in the interpreting relationship." 

- Client, Insight Healthcare 

"Interpreters are often the first people who hear bad news. Despite that stay resilient and manage to relay the message." 

- Zanele Ndhlovu, NNRF


"I've found all of the interpreters to be a delight to work with. They are professional but also human and friendly." 

- Refugee Caseworker 

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